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About us

About the Akvapark Association

The Akvapark Association is an Hungarian association that was formed on 29th March 1996. The word ‘Akva’ (Aqua in English) in the name of the association refers to the basic resource that plays an important role in the activity of all member companies. The association is a non-profit organization, in which all members are independent; however, they regularly exchange information and explore possibilities for joint business activities and R & D projects.


  • To form a community of leading Hungarian experts in agriculture and aquaculture.
  • To promote and co-ordinate networking and collaboration between the members.
  • To establish a common projects team, able to take on diverse and complex international projects and to develop international relationships.
  • To implement joint R & D, extension and training programmes.
  • To co-ordinate the operation and development of the unique complex of aquaculture-related facilities developed in HAKI during the past forty years.
  • To maintain traditional professional and human relationships among members.

Founding members

The association was founded by a research institute, 9 private companies and an association.

  • HAKI, Fish culture research institute
  • Szarvasi Halas, Fish farm
  • Unittica, Agricultural farm
  • Szarvasi Haltáp, Fish feed company
  • Növényolaj, Vegetable oil production company
  • Szarvas-Fish, Intensive warm water fish farm
  • Innoflex, Construction and engineering company
  • Agro-Aqua, Agricultural farm
  • Szarvasi Kacsafarm, Duck breeding farm
  • Aqua-Copy, Laboratory service company
  • Arborétum Assocation, Hunting Club

Development of Akvapark

Since 1996 some consolidation has taken place between the founding members, and membership has increased.

  • 9 of the 11 founding members are still members
  • 2 companies have merged with other Akvapark members
  • 4 new companies have joined (2 fish farms, a private R&D company and an animal waste processing company)
  • 4 private members have joined (involved in aquaculture R&D)


The association has no full time employees; administrative work is carried out by a part-time secretary. The President of the Association is the Director of HAKI, the two Deputy Presidents and the Secretary of the Association are managers of member companies.

President: Dr Laszlo Varadi.
Deputy presidents: Dr. Ferenc Müller, Dr. Ferenc Majoros
Secretary: Dr. Endre Janurik

For information, please contact us.

Akvapark Association
5540 Szarvas

Membership fee and conditions

The annual membership fee is 20 000 HUF (about € 80) for companies and a token 1 000 HUF (€ 4) for individuals. Membership applications are considered from any organisation that is actively working in the aquaculture industry.

Downloadable documents

  • Akvapark Association, 1996 to 2004.
  • Akvapark Association legal registration document.