Akvapark Association

Members Activities

  • HAKI   www.haki.hu
    Research, development, training and extension for the responsible use and protection of our aquatic resources, the development of healthy feeding and the improvement of life quality
  • Agro-Aqua Kft.
    Fish production in ponds, fish trade and extension
  • Aranykárász Bt.
    Production of fingeling for pond fish farm, trade of fish fingerling, extension
  • Aqua-Copy Bt.
    Water quality test in laboratory and on-site, expert consultancy on the improvement of the quality of surface waters
  • Haltáp Kft.   www.haltapkft.hu
    Fish feed production, expert consultancy on fish feed technology and fish feeding
  • Oryza Karex Kft.
    Rice breeding and production, extension
  • Szarvas Fish Kft.   www.szarvasfish.hu
    Intensive fish production in envronment-friendly systems using geo-thermal water, fish processing and trade, extension
  • Shubunkin Haltermelő Kft.
    Production and trade of ornamental fish, development of RAS, extension
  • Szentes és Társa Kft.
    Breeding and production of pikeperch, extension
  • Víz és Hal Bt.
    Design of aquaculture systems, extension